Welcome to Céline and Alain's home

Les Gravets has been welcoming travellers for over 20 years, and for us this wonderful adventure began in 2017.
On the one hand, Alain, after a career in the car industry, devotes himself to the administrative side of the business, maintenance work, advice on bike rides and repairs.
On the other, Céline, having left the research laboratories, has chosen to live a simpler life, away from the hectic pace of the city. Her role includes running the house, preparing meals, communicating, decorating and hijacking objects and furniture.
Last but not least, there are Janis, Alanis, Maïté and the friends from the henhouse, whose job is to welcome you with all their curiosity, to provide the raw materials for the desserts at the table d'hôtes and your breakfasts, to recycle and compost, and to weed the garden (not always where you want them...).

Our concept

- Sensible consumption.
- A commitment to preserving our region, its heritage and its cultural identity.
- Seasonal and local!

A reasonable consumption

We didn’t want our house to look like any other and we wanted you to feel like home. We also wanted to reduce our consumption and its environmental impact on our planet.
So we try as much as possible to use resources in a reasoned way, to reduce our waste, to reuse or recycle.
We searched, diverted and reused materials for unique rooms, each with its identity and peculiarities, in a warm, healthy and eco-responsible atmosphere.

A commitment

Because we want to make our customers travel differently, because we are sensitive to the heritage of the territory and attached to the values of the Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park, and finally because we want to improve the management of our activity with regard to sustainable development issues, the Gravets are committed to an ecotourism approach grouped under the banner of the Cercle des Imaginaterres. A local network that currently brings together about fifty service providers (hosts, tourism providers, artisans, producers, etc.), federated by the Landes de Gascogne Regional Park. What brings us together is a sensitivity to sustainable development issues and a commitment to more responsible tourism. We work hand in hand to offer another form of tourism, a more responsible and authentic tourism based on the discovery and preservation of our natural and cultural resources.
We are committed to placing the environment, the generosity of welcome and the Gascon identity at the heart of our offer.

Seasonal and local

The region has many environmentally conscious producers. Many produce in a clean and responsible manner. We favour as much as possible short circuits whether it is food (Boeuf de Bazas, Coopérative Palmagri, vegetable farms of Lot et Garonne, winegrowers in Bordeaux (Glayroux) and coasts of Marmandais … , welcome products (Shower gel & body cream label Bio and local manufacture) or decoration (Flowers of the garden and an ultra local producer «Terre amoureuse») and so many others!
An ideal place for eco-friendly tourism, beautiful hiking and mountain biking or simply enjoy the calm of this small isolated paradise.
Come also share our table d'hôtes with local flavors of the Gascon terroir .