Our territory

Sport & Nature

Take a bike ride along the greenway from Bazas, follow the footpaths along the River Ciron, the banks of the Canal Latéral à la Garonne or take advantage of the many footpaths to discover the Landes de Gascogne Park or the surrounding vineyards.

Heritage & old stones

From the medieval towns of Bazas and Saint Macaire to cathedrals, basilicas, mills, châteaux and the heritage of the Landes region, discover the heritage of southern Gironde!

Local produce and gastronomy

Discover how pines are gemmaged at Bernos-Beaulac, visit a pigeon farm with an authentic "Paloumayre", take a wine tour and taste our wines... etc...

Do you prefer sport and nature?

Are you ready for a cycle tour along the greenway from Bazas, the banks of the Canal Latéral à la Garonne or the wine routes?
You can cycle along the paths laid out along the Ciron. For the more sporty, you can discover the Ciron by canoe from the Bernos-Beaulac water sports centre. There are also a number of footpaths that allow you to discover the Landes de Gascogne park or the region's vineyards.
There's no shortage of natural sites in the Sud Gironde! Lakes for fishing, picnics or sporting afternoons, and the forests of the Landes de Gascogne for beautiful walks.
Lac de la Prade in Bazas, originally created to meet the irrigation needs of the local farming industry, with a surface area of 51 hectares, Lac de la Prade has become an important site for the protection of flora and fauna, particularly birds. Numerous observatories have been set up on the banks of the lake, as well as a range of events and nature tours.
Lac de Sigalens is a great place to relax. A footpath leads around the lake for a family walk, followed by a picnic in the shade on tables set out under the trees.

The Ciron valley. 97 km long, from Lubbon in the Landes to the Port of Barsac, it crosses the Landes de Gascogne plateau, the Bazadais plateau and the Sauternes hillsides. A very wild natural area, the morning mists form and encourage the appearance of the Botrytis cinerea fungus, essential to the production of Sauternes.
Lac de Taste in Captieux, an ideal place for walks and a must-see fishing spot in the Sud-Gironde. A sports trail is available for nature lovers, who can also enjoy the view of the lake while taking up running.
Base de loisir de Fontet. The ideal place to spend a day with the family. You can enjoy the swimming lake (supervised in July and August), fish and relax in the shade of the wooded park. Children's games are available, as well as a refreshment bar and snack bar.
Canal latéral à la Garonne The second part of the Canal du Midi, on the Atlantic side, was inaugurated in 1856. Running alternately alongside the Garonne river for 193km, the Canal du Midi "côté Atlantique" or Canal de la Garonne features a number of remarkable structures, including 53 locks and seven canal bridges.
Finally, a little further afield, the Domaine des lacs d'Hostens in the Landes de Gascogne Regional Nature Park.

The Ciron

The 97 km long valley is a very wild natural area.

The lake of the Prade

A site for the protection of flora and fauna.


During periods of high tides, large waves form up to 3m high.

Landes of Gascony

For a walk or by bike, go on an adventure in the heart of the pine forest!

Canal of two seas

The ideal place for a walk on the bike path that borders the water in the shade of trees.


Sauternes, Grave, entre-deux-mers, Marmandais, there is something for everyone!

Do you prefer heritage and old stones?

Way to Compostelle, Clémentins castles, medieval cities. A rich heritage on a territory with different facets crossed by the Garonne. From Bazas to Marmande, from the forest of the Landes de Gascogne to the hills of the Entre-deux-mers, a whole program!


Enjoy a stop on the terrace under the arcades of the square, with the Cathedral in decor.

La Réole

The medieval city of La Réole, labeled City of Art and History.

St Macaire

Between ramparts, remains and cloister, the city will truly transport you to the Middle Ages!

Meilhan sur Garonne

The village offers an exceptional view of the Garonne valley and its meander.

Couthures sur Garonne

Village nestled in a meander of the Garonne, visit the museum Fous de Garonne!


A thousand-year-old history with a high-quality religious and civil heritage.

Cussol Mill

Built in 1730, from this site, a wide panorama opens on the valley of the Garonne.


On the way to Compostela, its medieval bridge, mills, church and commandery.

Malagar domain

Domain impregnated with the words of the Nobel Prize for Literature François Mauriac.

Castle of Villandraut

Real fortress palace built in the fourteenth century for Pope Clement V.

Castle of Roquetaillade

Consisting of two castles of the twelfth and fourteenth century, still inhabited and fully furnished.

Castle of Cazeneuve

The Royal Castle of Cazeneuve, former property of Henri IV and Queen Margot.

Toulouse-Lautrec Castle

Walk in the footsteps of the most famous of its residents, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec.

Castle of Hamel

The castle stands proudly above the junction of the Garonne and the Canal des Deux Mers.


The fossil oysters of Ste-Croix-du-Mont.


In Entre-deux-Mers : Blasimon, Cadillac, Créon, Monségur, Pellegrue, Sauveterre-de-Guyenne.

Ducal Castle of Cadillac

Palace of a fascinating lord then first prison for women in France.

La Sauve-Majeure

The abbey is listed by UNESCO as a Way of Santiago de Compostela.

Do you prefer local produce and gastronomy?

Discover how pines are gemmaged at Bernos-Beaulac, visit a pigeon farm with an authentic "Paloumayre", take a wine tour with the Cocumont cellars on the Marmandais terroir, discover the Marmandais tomato on the way or imagine a tasting tour of the Graves and Sauternes regions!
Discover the Southwest and the Gascon culture through its terroir and gastronomy.
The gemage, the palombières, the vineyard, the Bazadaise breed, the duck and everything that makes our identity.
Discover the Gemmage, an association of the Friends of the Bernos-Beaulac Heritage: find out how pine trees are harvested. A pleasant stroll along the banks of the Ciron takes you to the heart of the forest, where former resin workers passionately explain their trade, which has now disappeared. During your visit, you'll learn all about the history of this activity in the Bazadais region and the skills of the woodworkers, which are still intact. at Bernos Beaulac.

Pigeon stands and pigeon hunting in southern Gironde: a tour of the various strategic locations in the pigeon stand and discussions with a "Paloumayre". The "Oueyte" is explained to you for spying on the arrival of flights, decoys, grounds, etc.
The Landes race: This is a real competition in which the different teams (or cuadrillas) compete in figures, gaps and jumps.


Discover the Gascone culture! In February the city of Bazas celebrates the Beef Gras.

Pine trees

Discover the work of pine mining and the know-how of the gemologists in Bernos Beaulac.


Winemaker walks, cellar visits, between Marmandais terroir, Entre-deux-mers, Graves and Sauternes!

Night markets

In summer come and discover the night markets where you can taste the products of local producers in the evening on large tables and in music!

Market days

Monday: Capteux
Tuesday: Préchac, Casteljaloux, Marmande
Wednesday: Grignols
Thursday: Villandraut, Marmande
Friday: Langon
Saturday: La Réole, Bazas, Marmande, Casteljaloux

Wood pigeon

Palombières and palombe hunting in south Gironde: discover these hidden huts.

A little further away...

Some highlights of our region... A little further, but on a stay of a few days you may want to discover them.

Ocean beaches

At an hour and a half, the Arcachon basin, the ocean beaches and the Dune du Pyla.


Known for its vineyards, gastronomy, lifestyle and historical heritage.

St Emilion

A medieval village in the heart of a historic vineyard.

Marquèze Ecomuseum

Embark on the centenary train to reach an authentic hamlet of Grande Lande.

Bastides Lot and Garonne

Monflanquin and Villeréal are both ranked among the most beautiful villages in France.

Hiking & Excursions

At Les Gravets, whether in stage or for a roaming stay, we will offer a discovery program adapted to your technique, your level and your desires. Alain in amateur of mountain bike and bike ride is there to make you discover the surroundings in 2 wheels .